At macarons we believe that every child has the right of love, care, food, medical support and education.

Therefore we collaborate with experts, who get involved with passion for the rights of children worldwide. With every sold macarons garment we donate to the non-profit organization kinderstern e.V. Kinderstern e.V. is a one of a kind aid organization, merging art with charity. The faces behind the organization are the famous German artist Imi Knoebel and his wife Carmen. Back in 1988 Imi Knoebel created the renowned artwork “Kinderstern” believing in the extended notion of art, by which art also ought to change society. The star shaped Sculpture Kinderstern soon evolved as a symbol for the dignity and self-esteem of all children, being the only artwork worldwide whose proceeds go entirely to children in need pro jects. The non-profit organization kinderstern e.V. founded in 1989, a small, personal and 100% transparent initiative, has the aim to help and encourage an autonomous living condition for the children. For over twenty years it successfully supports children in need projects all around the world. Learn more about the numerous projects on

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