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TUMERIC ORANGE - Ahimsa Khadi Silk Shawl - natural dyed

Item number NEW-9747 - TUMERIC

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Description: This collection of "peace silk" scarves is made from mulberry silk, cultivated using non-violent/ahimsa/vegan methods. The silk is hand-spun and hand-woven, then dyed using natural dyes and hand-block printed ajrakh, and finished with raw edges.  It has an exceptional drape and develops an incredibly soft texture with wear. You may never feel a fabric as beautiful as this one feels...!
Material & Care: 100%  silk. Gently hand wash separately in mild detergent and cold water. Do not soak. Drip dry in the shade.
Size: Approx. 90 by 230 cm (36 by 90”).
Origin: Gujarat, India.

  • Eco:
    • ahimsa silk is vegan and cruelty free as silk moths escape the cocoon before boiling of the cocoons
    • Hand made processes and natural dyes mean the production is eco-friendly
    • All materials are natural and thus bio-degradable
  • Ethical:
    • consisting of entirely handmade processes, this product provides a much-needed source of income to rural and marginalised artisans across India
    • cocoons are collected by women silk farmers in Karnataka and sent to West Bengal for hand spinning by another group of women artisans
    • This hand spun yarn is then sent to Gujarat for natural dyeing, mostly done by men, and returns to West Bengal for the final hand weaving process, again done by men